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SBI Data Braider

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SBI Data Braider

Spare Brained Ideas
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Have you ever tried to connect to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central’s API and found you just needed one more field? Or a table that wasn’t available?

You had to write a spec and ask a dev, or build the API page/query yourself to solve the problem, right?

Wouldn’t it be better if you could just adjust your API?

That's where Data Braider comes in.

Configure the API as you need. It really is just one field. Finally.

The Fine Print Bits

  • This purchase page gives you a Single-Use License Key for the SBI Data Braider product that will be active as long as your subscription is active.

  • To install this software in Business Central SaaS, you'll need to install the AppSource Product available here.

  • To install this software in Business Central On-Prem or Private Cloud, please contact us for a Runtime App file to install and to update your Business Central License.

  • Use of the SBI Data Braider extension in your Business Central installation requires the Spare Brained Licensing extension, which will require internet access to communicate with the Gumroad platform to confirm your subscription is Active.

  • To Deactivate your License Key and use it again in a new Environment, please contact us.

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